Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Boredom is the mother of Creation

I managed to dislocate my knee playing football on Saturday, which has meant that I've been home on the couch with my leg in a spint and bored as hell. So I thought I'd get back to image making!

I've been playing around with Cinema 4D (3D CGI software) recently and I wanted to play around with the idea of creating some sort of alien/UFO short film.

I've taken this time out to try out a few different looks for the film... below are some of the images I've come up with. I designed and built the UFO in Cinema 4D and then composited the images in Photoshop and After Effects.  If there is anyone out there reading this, it would be cool if I could get some feedback on which look you like the best, if any!

Click on the image to get a better view!

Old style grainy black and white film
Epic Sci-Fi
Stylised / Comic
Realistic / Photo-real