Sunday, 20 March 2011

Los Muertos update #1

Last week I posted an introductory image of los Muertos familia (The Dead family), who my new animated web series, Los Muertos Tendran Su Dia (The Dead Will Have Their Day), will be based around.

Over the coming weeks / months / years, I plan to keep a record of the production process as the idea and story develops further.

At the moment, I've just been concentrating on developing the a set for the living room.

The work area. Got the camp lights out... they do an alright job for now, but I'm planning to upgrade a lot of  my equipment during this process.
I've been scouring charity shops trying to find items to populate the sets. It's hard to find things small enough to use though. However,  I did stumble across this awesome little wall plate for $3. Bargain.
I made this couch and stuffed it with cuttings from an old t-shirt. I then covered it with old material The Wife had lying around house. 

Cute little coffee table, made from coloured matchsticks.  The rug is part of a table place mat set that I found my at local charity store.
Little side table and picture frames.

The curtains were made from actual life size curtains I found dumped on the street.

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